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Vaccine Covid 19 Pre-Registration

Please read Terms & Conditions before completed the registration

Covid-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration for Children & Adults Form

Please fill out this form and our Customer Service will contact you immediately when vaccine is available.

About the Covid-19 Vaccine

You must know the right information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination provides far greater benefits than the side effects. Here are some facts about the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The type of vaccine that available on pre registration:

 Vaccines for Children (aged 6-11 years and 12-17 years)

  • Sinovac Vaccines
  • Pfizer Vaccines

Adult & Booster Vaccines (aged 18 years and over)

  • Sinovac Vaccines
  • Pfizer Vaccines
  • Moderna Vaccines
  • Sinopharm Vaccines
  • AstraZeneca Vaccines
  • Zifivax Vaccines

Terms & Conditions for Receiving Booster Vaccine

  • Indonesian Citizenship
  • Above 18 years old
  • The gap between the 2nd and 3rd shots of the vaccine is more than 3 months
  • Already have booster vaccine ticket that can be checked through PeduliLindungi App. Click here to see how to get booster vaccine tickets.
  • Type of booster vaccine given based on the availability of the vaccine that determined by the Ministry of Health

General Requirements

  • The Covid 19 vaccine can be done on Monday to Saturday (except national holidays and
  • ¬†Prospective child vaccine participants must bring a letter of approval of parents / guardians. Click here to download the template of the child’s parent/guardian consent letter.
  • Potential participants who suffer from Comorbid Diseases , autoimmune, or patient in immunosupresant therapy must bring a certificate from the doctor
  • For the sake of maintaining health protocols, please bring your own stationery (to fill out the form)
  • Each patient can only sign up for one type of vaccine.
  • Not serving walk-in/go shows

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